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Sandara Park has short arms

[by maestro-J on March 8, 2010 @ 8:30 PM (EST) – allkpop.com ]

Sandara Park

It’s been a while we’ve reported on 2NE1’s me2DAY manic Sandara Park, don’t you agree? Well, we’ve got a new update from Sandara! On March 8th, Sandara uploaded a picture of her arm with a funny message.

With the picture, she commented, “Spring is slowly arriving, so I bought a few tees that are mid-sleeved… but after I wore them they are just… long sleeve? That’s weird..-_-;;; My arm is actually quite long.. Who’s fault is it that TamTam’s arms are short.. Looks like people might get mistaken and blame it on me!ㅠㅋAh!!! Kekeke~”

Her arm..

If some of you didn’t know, TamTam is a doll that 2NE1’s leader CL made, which Sandara adopted. I guess that means CL’s arms are short as well.

After Sandara’s post, about 200 netizens reacted with comments like, “Unnie you’re cute,” “It’s ok, my arms are short as well,” and “Unnie, no matter what you wear, you’re cute.“

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