Seungri to have surgery for acute appendicitis

July 9, 2010 1 comment

Big Bang’s Seungri will be having surgery tonight at 9pm local time for acute appendicitis.

YG Entertainment expressed on the 9th,

“Seungri will be operated on tonight for acute appendicitis.

After recording Strong Heart on the 8th, he complained of stomach pains and then proceeded to the hospital this morning for diagnosis. The results of the tests were revealed this afternoon, and it was determined that he had acute appendicitis and not gastroenteritis.”

A representative said,

“Taking care of the body is a priority.

His treatment is a priority over his schedule.”


Se7en’s comeback teaser released!

July 9, 2010 2 comments

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Finally, the time has come for Se7en’s comeback into the K-pop scene. YG Entertainment released a short teaser of Se7en’s comeback on the YG family website.

The teaser image shows a mysterious yet strong image of Se7en with his name and the number 20100721.

We reported last month that Se7en would be releasing his comeback album on July 21st, looks like everything is going as planned.

Although we don’t get to hear Se7en’s voice in this 30 second teaser, we get a taste of the electronic feel of one of the songs that will be included in his upcoming album.

A YG representative confirmed,

The song playing on Se7en’s teaser page is a song from the new album scheduled to be released on the 21st… As you can feel with this song, Se7en will be making big changes in his music for his comeback from his 3 year absence.

Check out the teaser below.

Se7en finished recording for this album in May. The new mini album will contain 7 songs and will be released on July 21st.

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Sean and Harang shout A-YO!

July 8, 2010 1 comment

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Sean and his lovable son Harang show their wealthy-style hiphop greeting.

Through his Twitter, Sean uploaded a photo of him posing with Harang along with the words, “Our wealthy-style greeting A-YO!”

In this cute photo, both Sean and Harang are both wearing jeans and sporting matching tees with the print ‘We Are God’s Children’ imprinted in bold; representing some family love.

With both of their heads slightly tilted to their left with their shy smiles undoubtedly represent a hiphopp-er daddy and his son’s ‘like father like son’ motto.

Netizens have poured out their love towards Harang and commented, “So cute”, “Don’t ever change. Just grow like this~”, “Come to nuna.”

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Kangta chooses Big Bang as the best idol group

July 8, 2010 1 comment

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Kangta recently made an apperance on MBC’s Golden Fishery Knee-Drop Guru that aired on the 7th where he talked about his personal best idol group.

Kangta was asked by Kang Ho Dong on the show, “Is there a certain idol, or idol group you have been taking particular note on?” where he answered right away without any hesitation, “Definitely Big Bang (T.O.P, G-Dragon, Seungri, Tae Yang, Daesung). They do not lack one single thing. They have done amazing group activities together, and each member has continued with spectacular solo debuts so they’re definitely the best.”

Meanwhile, Kangta also expressed that he wishes to reunite with fellow h.o.t members although they experienced some hardships in the past

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Taeyang falling short of expectations?

July 8, 2010 1 comment

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With Taeyang’s highly anticipated recent comeback, confetti and fireworks should be flying in the air, right?

Sadly, Taeyang’s recent single I Need A Girl is not receiving as much attention and love than expected. On many music charts, this song’s ratings are unsatisfactory and doesn’t reach up-to-par in comparison to Big Bang’s past releases of Lies (2007), Last Farewell, Haru Haru (2008), Sunset Glow, etc; all of which have received sensational reactions.

When I Need A Girl was released on the 1st, the standard rating for this song was 6th place on 벅스 (Bugs!). 5th on Melon, Doshirak, and Soribada. 8th on Cyworld, and although the song managed to rise 2nd place on M! Countdown, it hasn’t placed 1st as of late. At least not yet as of now.

During this time of the year when numerous new songs have been released such as IU’s Nagging, Jo Kwon’s The Day of Confessing My Love, Narsha’s I’m In Love, Son Dambi’s Can’t U See, as well as the hot rookie debut miss A’s Bad Girl Good Girl, the situation definitely makes for a tight competition between singers in terms of rankings on the music charts.

Compared to Taeyang’s past successful solo releases of Where U At and Wedding Dress, the results for I Need A Girl seem to be disappointing. Especially since YG Entertainment spent a lot of their effort in making Taeyang’s comeback as stellar as possible. These are the reasons why the results following-up the release of I Need A Girl are so shocking to the public. Not only Taeyang, but Daesung’s past solo release of Cotton Candy didn’t receive a lot of attention than expected as well.

S: MKNews

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Super Junior unleashes No Other MV

July 8, 2010 2 comments

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Ever since beginning promotions with No Other last week, there has been nothing but positive comments (yellow sea) about this new song from Super Junior by their fans.

This bubbly and romantic song certainly brings back the memories especially for fans who loved their songs like Haengbok in the past. Check out this fun MV which has been highly anticipated by fans for a long time!

How can you not fall in love with them after watching this (if you haven’t)?

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Taeyang’s SOLAR album ranks prominently on iTunes R&B charts worldwide

July 8, 2010 1 comment

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Taeyang’s solo album SOLAR solidly ranks high on the world’s best digital music jukebox, iTunes.

These are the results of Taeyang’s SOLAR album rankings on various iTunes R&B charts as of late:

* On the Canadian iTunes, the album ranks a staggering 2nd place on the R&B chart. According to the results on the 8th from the R&B chart, SOLAR follows 2nd right behind Usher’s album.

* Taeyang’s SOLAR album ranks an impressive 16th place on the American iTunes R&B chart as well.

* 17th on the German iTunes R&B chart.

* 8th on the Japanese iTunes R&B chart.

YG Entertainment expressed their reactions, “The album was revealed on iTunes on the 7th. We were extremely surprised at the unexpected results.”

With a loving and supportive fan-base worldwide as well as his sweet and powerful vocals showcased in his new solo album, it’s no surprise that Taeyang’s SOLAR album ranks prominently on the iTunes’ R&B charts.

If you haven’t purchased the album yet, make sure to buy the album on YesAsia, iTunes, etc to support the artist!

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