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Hangeng releases second track, Wings of Love

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Holllaaa semua, lama banget saya gak update blog ini, berhubung banyak banget halangan kayak internet-lemot-yang-ngebuat-internetan-jadi-freak-abis sampe yg laen-laen (?). Yak news kali ini yaitu ada si Hangeng yg menurut aku palliiiing cakep di antara member SJ laennya. 🙂 LOL. yg laen jg cakep deh
And here it is!

Talented singer Hangeng recently released an interview as well as rehearsal footage to get fans hyped up for his solo concert, and to further spice things up, his second track from album Geng Xin was released!

The song was actually composed by a fan back in 2007 that went by the name of Shi Lei, being a gift and promise to Hangeng from his fans. In order to express his gratitude for having such amazing fans, he sang the song himself with some small tweaks.

Hangeng is such a sweet guy. Be sure to listen to the soft and soothing song below, and many thanks to sushiroll13 for the tip.

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