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Taeyang falling short of expectations?

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With Taeyang’s highly anticipated recent comeback, confetti and fireworks should be flying in the air, right?

Sadly, Taeyang’s recent single I Need A Girl is not receiving as much attention and love than expected. On many music charts, this song’s ratings are unsatisfactory and doesn’t reach up-to-par in comparison to Big Bang’s past releases of Lies (2007), Last Farewell, Haru Haru (2008), Sunset Glow, etc; all of which have received sensational reactions.

When I Need A Girl was released on the 1st, the standard rating for this song was 6th place on 벅스 (Bugs!). 5th on Melon, Doshirak, and Soribada. 8th on Cyworld, and although the song managed to rise 2nd place on M! Countdown, it hasn’t placed 1st as of late. At least not yet as of now.

During this time of the year when numerous new songs have been released such as IU’s Nagging, Jo Kwon’s The Day of Confessing My Love, Narsha’s I’m In Love, Son Dambi’s Can’t U See, as well as the hot rookie debut miss A’s Bad Girl Good Girl, the situation definitely makes for a tight competition between singers in terms of rankings on the music charts.

Compared to Taeyang’s past successful solo releases of Where U At and Wedding Dress, the results for I Need A Girl seem to be disappointing. Especially since YG Entertainment spent a lot of their effort in making Taeyang’s comeback as stellar as possible. These are the reasons why the results following-up the release of I Need A Girl are so shocking to the public. Not only Taeyang, but Daesung’s past solo release of Cotton Candy didn’t receive a lot of attention than expected as well.

S: MKNews

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