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Se7en’s comeback teaser released!

July 9, 2010 2 comments

Bali Silver Jewelry

Finally, the time has come for Se7en’s comeback into the K-pop scene. YG Entertainment released a short teaser of Se7en’s comeback on the YG family website.

The teaser image shows a mysterious yet strong image of Se7en with his name and the number 20100721.

We reported last month that Se7en would be releasing his comeback album on July 21st, looks like everything is going as planned.

Although we don’t get to hear Se7en’s voice in this 30 second teaser, we get a taste of the electronic feel of one of the songs that will be included in his upcoming album.

A YG representative confirmed,

The song playing on Se7en’s teaser page is a song from the new album scheduled to be released on the 21st… As you can feel with this song, Se7en will be making big changes in his music for his comeback from his 3 year absence.

Check out the teaser below.

Se7en finished recording for this album in May. The new mini album will contain 7 songs and will be released on July 21st.

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Bali Silver Jewelry at Wira’s Silver

June 26, 2010 2 comments

Most people know, Celuk village of Bali province is center of handcrafted gold and silver jewelry. Wira’s Silver is a company, located in Celuk village established in 1993. Wira’s Silver produce and wholesale handcrafted silver jewelry.

Necklace Halfmoon-Blue Topaz (N5)

A sample of Wira's Silver product - Necklace Halfmoon-Blue Topaz (N5)

All product use silver that content is guaranteed 92.5 %
Some model combined natural colour gemstone, some other combined sea shell. And also there are combined 18K gold and silver gold plated jewelry.
Each piece jewelry are individually hand crafted by Wira’s Silver high skilled worker.

Hopefully, Wira’s Silver want to serve you with their high quality jewelry, at reasonable prices and take care bussiness partnership with costumer.