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Sunmi’s mom apologizes to a reporter via text

A text from the mother of Wonder Girls‘ 4D Sunmi has been making headlines on many news sites.

The following text was received by a reporter of EBS Reporters, the Lives They Live. One of the reporters visited Sunmi’s house and asked for an interview. Sunmi’s mother denied the interview, but texted the reporter an apology afterwards, which was featured in the documentary and has been spreading across the internet like wildfire.

The text read,

Pretty reporter, I know you came a long way so I’m very sorry I denied you. I’m texting you because I believe you are Sunmi’s fan, rather than just a reporter looking for a story. Sunmi is now 19 years old [Korean age] and all I want to do is help her go to college before it’s late. Please cheer her on as if you were her sister or aunt. Let’s meet each other in Seoul later. Be healthy.

That is one long text but it does say a lot, and clearly shows Sunmi’s mother’s support for Sunmi and even her fans. Netizens commented, “I bet her mom isn’t doing well either,” and “She’s so nice to have texted the reporter.”

Source: The Union Press

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